Interview with Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber

Mental illness in the USA, is it natural or chemically induced?

For many years I have struggled with the senseless death of my brother Justin Thompson.
In our family after his death, there was a war about “who caused this” or “why did you  _____ (fill in the blank)”, etc.

I don’t like pointing fingers, yet in the defense of my love for my brother and my friendship to him which I feel compelled to give him a voice since he does not have one.  I will retell this story.

Recently in a youtube debate about atheism, an in-law who started the little youtube war brought up a video that I made about Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, in which I felt like this fit the same relationship that my mother had with myself and my syblings.  Always hyping up some disorder or problem that could be taken care of by strong prescription medication.
She seemed to bask in the attention that she drew from the disorders that her “troubled kids” had.   She got to play both victim and savior at the same time, and also not feel all alone in her own prescription abuse that had plagued her all of her adult life.

This is that video;


I feel a little awkward that this fella has followed me around on the internet for almost 16 years now, despite that he is my wife’s brother and we both cut contact with him 15+ years ago, and I think we may have only had one conversation with him since then.  But he follows me on the internet, comments on my videos and recently dedicated an entire youtube account to me.

He recently brought up the video above, and claimed it was evidence that I killed my brother.   This is pretty low even for this kat.  I mean he has a huge criminal record ranging from “terroristic threats”, “false accusations”, “telephone harassment” and a string of about 15 pages of other crimes, many of them from recently, most all of them occured since we stopped talking to him, except for a few like petty theft, etc that came before I met him or his sister.  This is only important to connect the dots between why he follows us around despite us cutting contact with him.  He does this to the point that other people have restraining orders against him.   Reference to this history.

So the subject matter of the video deals with my mom going on the internet and telling stories about me.  Much like she did to her elderly mother, and my father.   So I thought I would address this, because it seemed like it hurt a lot of people, and it seemed like a vain attempt from her to gain attention for all of the “victimization” that she has been through.

In this video I wanted to make some references to back up my claim on this, and give some context.  Which includes some recorded conversations with my grandmother (her mother), who had dealt with these same things that I had dealt with and a recorded conversation between myself and my father where he addressed these issues.   However since my grandmother was still alive at the time, and she had already suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse despite being elderly and handicap, I did not want to endanger her by making the videos public.

At this point, the videos have less than 10 views each, because as people would come to me and ask me questions about this history, I would share the videos privately but I did not make them public or post them to any public places, as to not cause harm to my grandmother.

My grandmother passed away in 2016, so I do not any longer have to worry about her being abused any more.
She was a very precious friend to me all of my life,  reference:  http://houseofthompson.net/individual.php?pid=P166&ged=Thompson

This is the rest of the story from the mouth of my mother’s mother.   Not that it matters to the relationship that I had or may have with my mother.  I decided long ago that I do not want any of the same mental scarring to happen to my children.  So at this point my mom has only met one of our four children, and she will not meet the rest until they are adults and can make their own choices.

Reference video one, this is my grandmother and I speaking about how my mom has hurt and deliberately separated my father from his five children from his previous marriage, and also how my mom has physically abused my grandmother who was 87 years old at the time.

Never before released video regarding this tragedy

This is an interview that my grandma asked me to do with her, when my mother and uncle were robbing her blind.

My grandma Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber was a saint, raised 9 kids, adopted multiple grandkids when their parents (her kids) were being idiots, and had a heart for anyone in need.   She was honest to a fault, and it got her in big trouble.  Possibly the same way my honesty gets me in trouble.

Anyway you can see this video only has 10 views as of now.

Interview with Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber
Interview with Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber

In my research and in previous blog posts I have spoke about the epidemic in the USA and particularly in Utah regardin prescription medication, and mostly with SSRI drugs.

Such as this article:


I have been an outspoken advocate of recognizing and dealing with the prescription drug problem in Utah for over 16 years (ever since my brother Justin passed away);   https://youtu.be/41IT2aZ5-3s

I wrote this on my brother’s memorial website about this issue;

Depression and Teenage Suicide in Utah


In summary I think it is obvious that the USA has a prescription drug problem.  If you look at the warning labels on these prescriptions, especially SSRI drugs.  It is quite clear that things like mass-shootings which most of these shootings the perpatrator is on SSRI drugs at the time, that the problems with violence and abuse are chemically induced not natural.   If we get rid of the over-prescription of SSRI drugs, I do believe the USA’s society will normalize a lot.

More references



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