Springville Utah the Silent Epidemic

People doubt that Springville Utah is Number One for prescription abuse

After broadcasting about these issues about Utah and both the prescription drug abuse and the high rates of suicide in utah for over 20 years, beginning with my website www.behindzioncurtain.com in 1999, then with UtahPirateRadio.com in 2006, and now with Disruptarian.com as well, people have questioned my research, and my intentions.

Today I will help clear all of this up, and I will continue to broadcast with our online streaming radio show every Tuesday at 8:20pm MST, (which is 4:20pm Hawaiian time).

First of all, I lost my youngest brother and at the time my best friend in the world to suicide via prescription drug overdose in January 2002, his name is Justin Thompson and you can see the memorial that I made him at: http://justin-thompson.com

This as well as seeing many highschool classmates before him, take their own lives or overdose on prescriptions forced me to speak up about this issue over the years.

Then in 2010, Springville Utah started a campaign to bring residents to their city (in hopes for higher tax revenue I assume), and Springville attempted to clear their reputation of being the “drug capital of Utah”. The Desert News and many other news outlets published that exact title for Springville’s reputation many times over the years. Reference this article from February 2010 for example:

During this campaign designed by the Springville City corporation, they related a propaganda video which had the sole intent to dispel their reputation regarding drugs.

The video was full of smoke and mirrors, and used a survey of highschool kids in the area to dispel their reputation. Basically they asked highschool kids if they used drugs or alcohol, and of course, being from an affluent and very strictly LDS area of Utah, most of the kids (regardless of the truth of the matter) said “no”. So then Springville used this flawed study to promote the notion that drugs were not a problem in their city.
The other flaw in the study (the study that Springville specifically did, that left out prescriptions, not the main study that they drew data from. Springville’s study was unique, because it did not reference prescriptions – see link –), was that despite using legal substances such as “huffing gas”, or drinking alcohol, or smoking tobacco, etc. The study did not ask one single question about prescription drug abuse. Nor did the propaganda video that Springville City corporation produced mention prescriptions either.

Why they failed to report on the prescription drug abuse issue is obvious to me, and I have been pointing this out for years with much resistance from local residents.

First lets establish why it is a fact that Springville Utah is the highest prescription drug use/abuse area of the USA (and probably the world).

  1. Study Finds Utah Leads Nation in Antidepressant Use – LA Times
  2. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/660200893/Utah-No-1-in-prescription-drug-abuse.html
  3. Then we can narrow down that Utah county leads the state of Utah in prescription drug abuse.
  4. February 2018 Utah Opioid Reports US Gov

This is from a Springville City Council meeting March 18th 2008.

Cl. Jolley commented that he can see two real issues—one is that prescription drugs are higher than the State and County average by 7/10-percent. Mr. Bird agreed. Lt. Caron agreed that the incidence has increased over the years. He has seen a steady increase. Cl. Jolley observed that prescription drugs are not seen as “dirty drugs” in the DARE program. Lt. Caron commented that these drugs come from doctors. Parents make them accessible to their children. Mr. Bird observed that the need is to change attitudes. Adults have learned to ask for drugs by name from advertising. He emphasized that Springville’s incidence is less than 10-percent. This amount is half the rates of the nation. Mayor Mangum asked why Springville is worst in the state for prescription drugs. Lt. Caron pointed out that Springville’s rates are statistically insignificant, although there is more problem now than in the past. Mr. Conover suggested that doctors are overprescribing. Mr. Bird reported that the doctors have an ethical obligation to take care of pain. “

I use Archive.org to find old versions of websites.

City Council Meeting 03/18/2008 (original Version) http://goo.gl/spqVoR

City Council Meeting 03/18/2008 (whats on their website now)  http://goo.gl/GiEJV6

Now we can establish that the USA leads the prescription drug abuse in the world.



So it is like this;

  1. The USA leads the world for prescription drug abuse
  2. Utah leads the USA for prescription drug abuse
  3. Springville leads the state of Utah for prescription drug abuse

The conclusion is, that Springville leads the world in prescription drug abuse. How convenient of Springville City corporation to leave that small little detail out of their drug research / propaganda video.

Which is why I followed up with this video to dispute their claims in their propaganda video.

I have made this offer online to the Springville PD to join me on Utah Pirate Radio on Tuesdays to discuss this misleading propaganda.

I would very much like to invite Scott Finlayson Chief of Police of Springville Utah, on for an interview about the suppression of free speech in Springville, Utah and/or any ranking member of the Springville Police Department . about being the highest prescription drug abuse city in the nation.

I have been trying to get answers from the Springville PD on these things for 9 years, and i have a lot of questions left.


Utah Pirate Radio is a Tuesday show, and I would be happy to accommodate their schedule.

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