Utah Ranks Number 1 for prescription drug abuse

Springville Utah is #1 in the nation for prescription drug abuse

I have been reporting for years how Springville Utah is the #1 city in the entire nation that uses/abuses prescription drugs, mainly SSRI drugs (anti-depressants) and opiates (oxycontin, lortab, etc).   The research that I did came in 2010 when I posted at the Art City Days parade, and I was arrested for promoting the safer alternative, which is the decriminalization of cannabis.  A plant that has never killed anyone, but has pain relieving qualities, and anti-depressant qualities.   I was arrested for “using the street without a permit”.  The charges were dropped, and the anti-freespeech law was changed by the city during a city council meeting a month after my arrest.  

What I did find is multiple city council minutes from the city of Springville Utah, where they claim that prescriptions are abused in Springville more than other counties and cities in Utah. (see the references at the bottom of the page).  What I did, was linked those statements and the census data that I found, with article and research about how Utah uses twice the prescription drugs as the national average.   So the logic is this;  Utah is #1 in the nation for prescription drug abuse, and Springville is #1 in the state of Utah for prescription drug abuse.  Making Springville the drug capital of the USA.   I have multiple credible sources linked below.


This is about conversation between Troy Fitzgerald of Springville City Corp. and Ryan Thompson of Clovis Star Media, about a public service announcement made by Springville City to brag about how they have less drug abuse than the rest of the state, however they fail to recognize how even in their own city council meetings they discuss how Springville’s prescription drug usage is higher than the rest of the state, and how the state of Utah is #1 in the nation for prescription drug abuse, making Springvile #1 for prescription drug abuse.


This is a follow up to a conversation that I had with Troy Fitzgerald of Springville City Utah, who is the City Administrator. My interview had to do with two things. #1. A propaganda video that Springville released in 2010 #2. Suicide and drug usage in Springville

The following link is my critique of their 2010 Drug Awareness video

City Council Meeting 03/18/2008 (original Version) http://goo.gl/spqVoR

City Council Meeting 03/18/2008 (whats on their website now)  http://goo.gl/GiEJV6

I use Archive.org to find old versions of websites.

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