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The Suicide Train

Over the years I have watched many friends from Utah specifically dive in to a deep depression which often results in drug and alcohol abuse, but more often than average for such a small-town/state atmosphere these people with their heavy loads and depressive states of mind, try and often succeed in suicide.
In highschool, I left home and couch surfed with several people. Before my class even graduated, I had lived with 3 people whose family’s took me in, who would shortly later kill themselves. I had left for Seattle in 1995 for several months, and by 1996 some of the younger kids I had known had brutally taken their own lives. There was Nate, Brett, Kurt (and I had lived and spent a lot of time with each of these three) and then by 1999 there was at least 6 more. But by 2005 I can count 18 people who died from my class (either 1 year before or 1 year after), and 15 of them I know for sure were suicides, and 2 others were “drug overdoses” but they had suicidal tendencies from when we had partied as kids.

This year, 2019, I have lost 2 more people from that class/town. One to suicide, and one to liver failure apparently, after decades of drug abuse and other depressive issues.

This has caused me to lose control of my emotions, and I blasted a guy from our highschool class who while at our recent class reunion seemed awfully cruel and un-necessarily so. That in itself would not bother me, except on the night of the reunion, September 27th 2014 the Ben and Kristi Strack family had all taken their own lives. My wife and I left the class reunion early, because mostly people seemed stuck-up and just as phony as they sempt in school. So I elected to take my wife out on long anticipated date night, while my in laws were watching over our children. On the way down the canyon, and roughly 9pm, we came along a scene across from the Springville High School, which there were many police, fire and ambulance vehicles taking up most of the road, making it difficult to pass. What it looked like was some sort of gang violence incident, but a week later I learned that it was 5 people who took their own lives. In reality I guess it would be called a murder/suicide as the parents killed their kids, and then killed themselves.

The Strack Family

Reference: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/01/28/autopsy-reveals-utah-family-of-five-with-fixation-on-apocalypse-died-in-gruesome-murder-suicide/?noredirect=on

Maybe it hit me harder because I had lost my own brother to suicide in 2002, and it left a deep scar in my soul which I could not possibly see the world the same again after he passed away. But that coincides with losing so many other close friends as well.

This is my brother’s memorial:


Ryan and Justin Thompson in Spokane

After going through all of these deaths whos lives had effected me so much, I got irritated enough to start my first blog about this subject. In 1999 I registered www.BehindZionCurtain.com, to illustrate to others life behind the zion curtain (Utah). I have been posting about these problems and challenges in Utah ever since. Eventually grabbing up several other domains, like this one, UtahPirateRadio.com, SpringvilleOnline.com, SpringvilleDevils95.com, and others. I have broadcast radio shows, and podcasts for 2 decades on these problems in Utah, and in humanity in general.

Fast forward to now, I have been long gone from Utah. But I have been studying the effects of cannabis to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD since 2008 very specifically, and dabbled in these studies for about a decade before that. It is a fact that the AMA, the VA, and many other medical associations around the world all join a growing consensus that cannabis effectively treats these symptoms and with very few side effects.
My website on this topic is; https://xcannabis.net / http://xcannabis.com

Now fast forward to November 2018 where a large and diverse group of Utahans joined together to pass Proposition 2, which legalized medical cannabis in Utah. But the day that the law was supposed to go into effect, the LDS church had worked with its 90% Mormon majority in the legislature to subvert the will of the people, which coincides with the will of most of the surrounding states that also have medical marijuana and also recreational marijuana laws. But the LDS church version of the cannabis law reduced the amount of symptoms that cannabis can treat, eliminated home grows, and eliminated the ability to use cannabis flowers for treatment, while only allowing refined and often dangerous products of cannabis to be used and sold, and their trump card was a provision that mandates that cannabis MUST be distributed by a licensed pharmacist (there is no other state that mandates that). Which federal law prohibiting cannabis still, and with pharmacist being regulated by the DEA, this means that no legitimate medical cannabis can be legally distributed in Utah.
So the LDS church essentially killed the entire notion from the get go.

So lets look at how many people have died from the toxic side effects of marijuana in all of history. There are NONE. There is no lethal dose of cannabis, period.

In 2017 alone 70,200 people in the USA died as a result of the toxic side-effects of prescription drugs.
Ref: https://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/trends-statistics/overdose-death-rates

However the LDS church owns the company that manufactures marinol, the partially own other various prescription drug companies as well.

A note from this source notes the 1.3 billion dollars that the LDS church owns in pharma stocks; https://www.civilized.life/articles/mormon-church-big-pharma-stocks/

Ironically enough, one of the companies that the Mormon Church invested in, called AbbVie Inc., actually produces a drug called Marinol that contains a synthetic form of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that gets people high. So apparently the Mormon Church doesn’t want people getting THC from legally prescribed cannabis, but is totally ok with it when it’s sold in the form of a drug they’re invested in.

So it sounds like the Mormon Church has 1.3 billion reasons to oppose medical marijuana.

So the LDS church seems to prefer profits over people. Because it is no illusion that cannabis is safer and more effective than these prescription drugs, that Utah uses twice the national average of. But they want this to be pharmaceutical.

I am furious over this, and decided to renew the registration of Utah Pirate Radio and start a radio show about this every Tuesday at 4:20 PM Hawaiian Time. This is my broadcast from March 5th 2019.

I will be doing these from now on, once a week. The topics may change, but Utah will be the central topic.

Suicide Train Utah Pirate Radio

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